How to Keep the Early Hiring Process Ethical and Legal

Hiring a rich, diverse group of people for your office is essential for a well staffed workforce. The hiring process can be long or short, depending upon the organization, but one of the most standard starting points is the employee application.Applications can take on a variety of forms, from online work profiles to the photocopied piece of paper that is stashed deep within the manager’s paperwork. No matter which type of application is used, it is crucial to make sure that the questionnaire is fair and legal, lest the office run the risk of getting sued.

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Make or Break a Practice: Work Culture

Individual behaviors and work culture play a considerable role in the success of an organization. Even in top-down, hierarchical institutions, members within the various levels can form decisions that alter the direction of the group as a whole. Naturally, the cultures the members subscribe to influence their opinions and, ultimately, their decisions.

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